Keri Schooler

I have been involved with dogs since I "rescued" my first stray, Freckles, at 6 years of age.  My parents gave me a beautiful Skye Terrier when I was eight and I began obedience training with him.  Except for a brief time during early college years, I was never without a dog or two.
In 1994 my husband, Kent, and I purchased our first Labrador Retriever.  Soon I was bitten by the dog show bug and as the number of Labradors increased, we found a need for more land.
In 1997 we built a boarding kennel and home at our current location.  I bred, trained and exhibited Labradors and Border Terriers until retiring from breeding in 2020.  I do not plan on breeding another litter, but also never say never.  Additionally, I downsized the number of kennel runs available for reservations from 14 to 6.  The extra space has been redesigned for my glass art hobby.
Weighing heavily in these decisions was the opportunity for service in my church with which God presented me.  I was filling in on the piano while the church searched for another organist/music director.  It became apparent that this was the role God prepared me for, and I accepted the position in 2020, becoming a student again of the organ!  COVID has been a challenge but I look forward to resuming lessons in 2021.  It was a blessing this year, removing the stress of breedings, whelpings and puppies from the church music schedule.  Meanwhile I love our choir, playing the organ and handbells and the blessing of service.
We currently share our lives with 5 Labradors, 2 Border Terriers, 2 Spinoni (Italian hunting dogs) and 1 Bernese Mountain Dog.
I am a licensed AKC judge, approved for Labradors.  I am working on obtaining other breeds.  I still show a couple of Labradors, the Spinoni and just finished the championship on our young Border Terrier, Jones.